List of Top 200 banks in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE15), edition 2014
Research report:List of Top 200 banks in Central and Eastern Europe

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Total banking assets in CEE15* topped 1.04 billon EUR, after increasing by ~1% in 2013. The recent growth in assets could be attributed mainly to positive developments in Poland, Czech Republic and few smaller peripheral countries including: Albania, BH and FYROM. In contrast, banking markets in Slovenia and Hungary continued to contract being affected by structural problems and unfavourable regulatory or fiscal environments.

CEE15 banking markets continue to be dominated by foreign investors with: UniCredit, Erste, Raiffeisen and KBC controlling a combined 28% of total banking assets in the region. The fifth major banking group in CEE15 is Poland's PKO Bank Polski group with a regional market share of 5.3%. The TOP200 CEE league table is led by two Polish banks: PKO (assets of EUR 47.3 billion) and Bank Pekao (assets of EUR 37.4 billion), followed by the Czech major bank CSOB (assets of EUR 33.6 billion).

Despite recently observed convergence trends, there are still significant differences among CEE countries in terms of banking intermediation levels. While banking assets per capita exceed 20k EUR in Slovenia, the benchmark is over 6 times lower for Albania or Bosnia-Herzegovina. The outlook for most CEE banking markets remains positive. The level of financial intermediation for most of CEE is still extremely low if compared to Western Europe and the gap is expected to narrow gradually. Nevertheless, factors like hostile fiscal policy (case Hungary), economic rebalancing (case Slovenia) or poor supervision (case Bulgaria) may temporarily weigh on banking sectors in selected countries. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *CEE15 includes Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Macedonia.


Table of contents

1. CEE-15 Banking Markets

Slide 1: Report coverage: Number of large banks by country, 2013
Slide 2: CEE banking markets: size vs. growth matrix, 2011-2013
Slide 3: Bank assets per capita, bank assets per GDP, 2013
Slide 4: Changes in bank assets by country, 2012-2013
Slide 5: Top 10 banking groups in CEE, 2013
Slide 6: CEE-15 and Top 200 assets evolution 2012/2013
Slide 7: Profitability of Top CEE banks, 2013: ROA, ROE

2. List of 200 major banks in CEE-15 as of 2013

Slide 8: Top 200 - League table: Banks 1-25
Slide 9: Top 200 - League table: Banks 26-50
Slide 10: Top 200 - League table: Banks 51-75
Slide 11: Top 200 - League table: Banks 76-100
Slide 12: Top 200 - League table: Banks 101-125
Slide 13: Top 200 - League table: Banks 126-150
Slide 14: Top 200 - League table: Banks 151-175
Slide 15: Top 200 - League table: Banks 176-200
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