Inteliace Research offers advanced research and analysis for institutions across various sectors. We are very well suited to help with Commercial Due Diligence

Custom research services

For the whole team at Inteliace, market research goes far beyond pure data gathering. Our goal is to collect, analyze and transform raw data into practical knowledge. We help our clients to take advantages of their understanding of consumers, competition and overall market structure.
Inteliace Research has conducted several studies and research projects for top banks and other financial institutions operating in Europe including CEE.





  • Commercial Due Diligence - CDD
    Independent and unbiased review of a target company prepared for the prospective buyer. Subject to specific needs, a Commercial Due Diligence can include:
    - Review of the current state of the industry or sector of the target company including trends and possible future developments;
    - Review of the business model of the company, market positioning etc. including sustainability of operations;
    - Benchmarking, peer group analysis;
    - Identification of threats - "Red Flags" in terms of opertaions, business model, market trends etc.

    A Commercial Due Diligence is performed with use of various data sources and techniques, including:
    - Existing sector and market research, desk research, financial reporting etc;
    - In-depth interviews with management of the company;
    - In-depth interviews with trade asscoiations, industry chambers and consumer organizatons;
    - In-depth interviews with former management members of competitors (public information only);
    - Surveys, Consumer research - e.g. "Voice of Customer";

Management consulting

Inteliace Research offers management consulting services in various sectors. We have a lot of experience in supporting management and supervisory bodies in preparing strategy documents, performance reviews, competitive analysis, and other analytical papers.

Sectors served

We serve various sectors, including: retail, consumer goods, IT, metals and mining, manufacturing industry, banking, asset management and insurance.

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