Inteliace Research specializes in research, analysis and tailored consulting of various sectors in Europe, Poland and other CEE countries.

Custom Research and Consulting

Regular Paublications

Regular Publications

We offer various publications covering various sectors. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can provide both high-level and in-depth sector research. In particular, we publish:

  • Industry analysis
  • Business cases
  • Proprietary databases
  • Country research
  • Publications/Reports

Client Service

Client Service

Inteliace Research provides custom research and consulting services. We help clients with market-entry strategy, Commercial Due Diligence (CDD), product launch, performance and benchmarking analysis.

We support our consulting services by leveraging our in-house research capacity, which includes: desk research, field research, consultaion with industry experts, etc.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Inteliace Research serves leading European financial institutions and Private Equity clients operating in Europe including Poland and other CEE markets.

Between 2005 and 2024 we have provided our products and services to more than 75 clients, including major European banks and several "The Banker" top world banks.