Payments in Poland, 2016 Report
Research report: Payments in Poland, 2016

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Poland's payment market has experienced an explosive growth during recent years. The number of card payments has more than doubled since 2013 and it has exceeded 3 billion by 2016. As consumers embraced card payments, Poland advanced to top six European markets by the number of transactions. The key factor of surging use of cards in Poland are contactless payments.

The payment market will continue to expand in future as relatively high share of cash in Poland's economy offers a lot room for growth, in particular within: retail payments, P2P, public transport and public fees & duties. There is a clear opportunity in cash displacement and market participants are likely to address it.
One can expect that over next five years a dominating mobile payment standard for mobile payments will evolve itself. It seems for the moment that the new standard will be based on payment cards rather than on ACH.



Table of contents

Executive Summary
1. Payments and payment infrastructure
Slide 1: Consumer markets in Europe, 2014
Slide 2: Card payment volumes in Europe & in Poland (1/2), 2010-2014
Slide 3: Card payment volumes in Europe & in Poland (2/2), 2014
Slide 4: POS infrastructure evolution in Poland, 2010-2016
Slide 5: Card payments evolution in Poland, 2010-2016
Slide 6: Cards/terminals in Poland by functionality, H1 2016
Slide 7: ATM networks in Poland, 2010-2016
Slide 8: ATM cash withdrawals in Poland, 2010-2016
Slide 9: Cash in circulation and interest rates in Poland, 2009-2016
Slide 10: Cards issued in Poland, 2010-2016, split by technology & brand, 2016
Slide 11: Top payment card issuers in Poland, H1 2016
Slide 12: Automated Clearing House (ACH) systems in Poland, 2011-2015
Slide 13: Key mobile payment schemes in Poland by origin of funds, 2016
Slide 14: Key players in payment applications/wallets in Poland, 2016
Slide 15: Poland - retail payment services landscape, 2016
Slide 16: HCE-NFC users evolution, key banks in HCE NFC, 2015-2016
Slide 17: Key players in specialized mobile payments (parking, public /municipal transportation, regional railways), 2016
2. Retail landscape (merchants) and payment methods
Slide 18: Brick&mortar (b&m) vs. online retail landscape, 2015-2016
Slide 19: Key payments methods available in b&m and online retail, 2016
Slide 20: Survey on payment methods in 50 large online stores, 2016
Slide 21: Online POS loans providers in online stores, 2016
Slide 22: Blockchain technology & bitcoin in Poland: Exchanges, bitcoin acquirers, merchants, 2016
Slide 23: Online merchants & payment methods– case (1/3): Allegro
Slide 24: Online merchants & payment methods– case (2/3): RTVEuroAGD
Slide 25: Online merchants & payment methods– case (3/3):
3. Key players by segment
Slide 26: Mobile payment schemes (1/2): BLIK
Slide 27: Mobile payment schemes (2/2): PeoPay
Slide 28: Digital wallets (1/3): MasterPass
Slide 29: Digital wallets (2/3): VISA Checkout
Slide 30: Digital wallets (3/3): Android Pay
Slide 31: Payment aggregators (1/3): PayU
Slide 32: Payment aggregators (2/3): Przelewy24
Slide 33: Payment aggregators (3/3): Dotpay
Slide 34: Digital wallet with hybrid funding: PayPal
Appendix: Directory of firms mentioned in the report
End of report.