Payments in Poland, 2018 Report
Research report: Payments in Poland

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Poland's payment market has continued to experience explosive growth recently. The total number of payments exceeded 6.5 billion in 2017 and it remains on track to exceed 7.4 billion by 2018. Card payments alone reached nearly 3.9 billion tx level and they accounted for more than 59% of all payments processed in the country. The persisting growth in card transactions can be attributed to fast expansion of the acceptance network and to increasing frequency in card use. In 2017, the average annual number of transactions per single card issued in Poland approached 100 tx. per card and this ratio has more than doubled since the year 2014.

The demand from consumers for convenient payment services and the ongoing support programs dedicated to the development of acceptance network, e.g. "Cashless Poland", contribute to a gradual, although slow cash displacement. It can be assumed that the growth in payment volumes will remain strong, similarly to the dominating role of cards in overall payments. The total volume of payments in Poland is likely to reach 11 billion transactions by 2022.



Table of contents

Executive Summary
1. Payments in Poland and in Europe
Slide 1: Consumer markets in Europe, 2016/2017
Slide 2: Total payments in Poland, structure by type, 2013-2018F
Slide 3: Total payments: Europe vs. Poland, structure by type, 2017
Slide 4: Card payment volumes in Europe & in Poland (1/2), 2015-2017
Slide 5: Card payment volumes in Europe & in Poland (2/2), 2017
2. Payments and payment infrastructure in Poland
Slide 6: Card payments in Poland, 2013-2018F
Slide 7: POS infrastructure evolution in Poland, 2013-2018 H1
Slide 8: Cards/terminals in Poland by functionality, 2016Q2-2018Q2
Slide 9: ATM networks in Poland, 2013-2018 H1
Slide 10: ATM cash withdrawals in Poland, 2013-2018F
Slide 11: Cash in circulation and interest rates in Poland, 2013-Aug.2018
Slide 12: Cards issued in Poland, 2013-18H1, split by type & brand, 2018Q1
Slide 13: Top issuers of payment cards in Poland, 2018 H1
Slide 14: Automated Clearing House (ACH) in Poland; Transaction volumes: ELIXIR, Express ELIXIR, SORBNET2, BlueCash, BLIK, 2012-2018
Slide 15: Evolution of mobile payments in Poland - Global pays
Slide 16: Overview of mobile payments in Poland by origin of funds, 2018
Slide 17: Key players in payment applications/wallets in Poland, 2018
Slide 18: Poland - retail payment services landscape, 2018
Slide 19: HCE-NFC users evolution, key banks in HCE NFC, 2015-2018Q2
Slide 20: PSD2 and its implementation in Poland
Slide 21: PSD2 and its expected impact in Poland by stakeholder type
Slide 22: Total payments in Poland, forecast for 2022
3. Retail landscape (merchants) and payment methods
Slide 23: Brick&mortar (b&m) vs. online retail landscape, 2017
Slide 24: Key payments methods available in B&M and in online retail, 2018
Slide 25: Survey on payment methods in 53 large online stores, Oct. 2018
Slide 26: Online merchants & payment methods-case (1/3): Allegro
Slide 27: Online merchants & payment methods-case (2/3): RTVEuroAGD
Slide 28: Online merchants & payment methods-case (3/3):
Slide 29: Key players in specialized mobile payments in public /municipal transportation, 2018
Slide 30: Use of payment cards as tickets in public transport, 2018
4. Key players by segment
Slide 31: Mobile payments -top players and their reach, 2018 H1
Slide 32: Mobile payments (1/4): BLIK
Slide 33: Mobile payments (2/4): PeoPay
Slide 34: Mobile payments (3/4): Google Pay
Slide 33: Mobile payments (4/4): Apple Pay
Slide 35: Digital wallets (1/2): MasterPass
Slide 36: Digital wallets (2/2): VISA Checkout
Slide 37: Payment aggregators (1/3): PayU
Slide 38: Payment aggregators (2/3): Przelewy 24
Slide 39: Payment aggregators (3/3): Dotpay/eCard
Slide 40: Digital wallet with hybrid funding: PayPal
Slide 41: Payment gate for ACH-based pay-by-links: Paybynet
Appendix: Directory of firms mentioned in the report

End of report.